Using the U-GYM Pro

Fri 17 February 2017

The U-GYM Pro is readily possible in a Bluetooth variation that can be managed with a mobile phone app on your iPhone or Android gadget. They moreover offer the same TENS system without Bluetooth which's the one that they sent out to me.

All you need to do is decide if you want to use two electrode pads or 4 pads for home tens unit. Then you plug in the proper wire cable TV and snap the red and black ends on the consisted of plate pads.

You can place the pads on various parts of your organization composed of despite not limited to a few of the locations represented in the comprised of user's handbook.

The first test I did was by setting two pads on my elbow region of the arm with the tennis elbow dilemma.

Then I applied the system on and pushed the massage mode selector button to cycle within the various massage methods. I thought the system was malfunctioning since I could not feel something.

I didn't begin considering the impacts till I developed the strength to the 3rd or Fourth level. I might feel a ringing or pulsing experience. Each massage mode has its rhythm that it replicates over and over for Thirty Minutes per sitting. The U-GYM Pro will instantly shut off after Thirty Minutes.

After utilizing the M1 massage mode on my arm, it did feel a fair bit much better for the balance of the day. I have used it different times and can state that it does aid with the discomfort I experience in my elbow situation.

I want to see what it would seem like to work my ab muscles with the U-GYM Pro.

I dislike doing ab crunches, so I had high hopes that I might see TV while the U-GYM Pro would work my abs. There is something I dislike about the electrode pads, though. The gel adhesive is freaking cold! I fear them on any part of my body. I need to psych myself as much as do it. I understand I'm a wimp ... however, I have mattered with my internal warmth level "module." I get cold pure, and those electrode pads break me out in goose bumps when I put them on.

Keep in mind that the electrode pads do not last forever. When I inquired about their durability, this is what the folks at U-GYM informed me:

Depend upon how you utilize the pads. If you constantly keep skin dry and tidy to use, the pads last for three weeks.
Another method to extend making use of pads is to clean it with regular water and air dry it. That might last for another 10-20 usages.
If you feel the pads are less sticky or you have to improve the strength much greater than employed to, that symbolizes pads have to be changed.
It works with a lot of therapeutic pads out there. Just to make sure the button clip size matches.